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Social media has allowed many of us to brand ourselves in a way that we never could have done previously.  With that comes the challenge of creating exciting content to engage your audience.

So imagine if you can the opportunity to work with a PROFESSIONAL photographer on a monthly basis at various locations at a fraction of the cost of a normal professional shoot. 

After paying you will be sent to a google docs page to enter in additional information. 

What is it?

It's a way to get a ton of social media content for a low monthly price. It allows you to shoot once each month for 30 minutes and receive ALL the content from your shoot. No picking what photos you want, or paying extra for additional images. 

How much is it?

The cost is $135 per month 

Is there a long term commitment?

There is only a commitment of 3 months, after which you are on a month to month basis. You are auto-renewed each month. 

Do I get to choose where to shoot each month?

You will get to choose from 4 different locations that change monthly. 

When are the shoots each month?

The shoot dates will change each month, but you are guaranteed to be able to choose from one Saturday, one Sunday , one week day evening, and one week day each month. This will allow everyone to pick a date each month that works for them. 

How do I sign up for my shoot each month?

You will receive a email each month linked to a google calendar that will show you the dates, locations, and times available to shoot, simply put in your info and show up! 

Can you give us examples of locations?

Shoot locations will include but not limited to,Downtown SLC, my studio, gyms, mountain locations, salt flats, Utah Lake, coffee shops and various other spots in the Wasatch Valley.

If I don't shoot one month can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, with a subscription base model its like a gym membership, if you don't use it, you lose it. So make sure to take full advantage of it!

How many images will I receive and how quickly after the shoot will I get them?

There is not a set amount of images you will receive but basically everything that turns out from the shoot you will receive. You will receive all your images within 48 of your actual shoot! 

How will I receive my images and will they all be high resolution?

You will have a specific link and private folder with all of your shoots monthly. You will receive all your images in web size ready to be posted on social media and large enough to print up to a 8x10 

Can I bring an additional person to be in my shoot or can I add additional time to my shoot?

You can bring another person with you for $50. Just remember that you are limited on your time so choose it wisely. If you choose to extend your time you must do it when you sign up for your day and time at the beginning of the month and you will be charged $100 per addtional half hour you choose. 

I have sponsors can I let them use my images?

Your sponsor can use your images for social media as well. They can not print them though or use them for ads outside of social media. If you have questions ask me first. 

How do I subscribe? 

Simply click the "Subscribe" button above or below

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